Looking For An Alignment On Your Vehicle?

It’s worth getting a tire alignment a couple of times a year. The cost of tire alignment is easily balanced out by the savings in fuel and wear on your tires. It makes your car or truck safer, too..

Poor alignment causes tires to wear out faster, a decrease in gas mileage and affects your control and handling. Service includes visual inspection of steering and suspension system, tire pressure and alignment angle adjustments. People call it a “tire alignment” or a “wheel alignment”, but it’s more than that. Your car or truck is aligned when all the parts of the steering and suspension system are lined up correctly, which makes everything work more smoothly, with less effort.

How about the Hunter Hawkeye Alignment System? We use this state-of-the-art equipment to provide machine-accurate results during your four-wheel alignment service. Hunter is a trusted name in the automotive equipment industry. We wouldn’t use anything less in our shop or in our quest to provide you with the very best automotive service possible.With Hunter Alignment equipment, we can guarantee the best car alignment services in area!! Our software is equipped to handle vehicles up to 2018!

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